Vivo 80

The Vivo 80 is an inset pellet stove with a minimal design and the option to add a range of surrounds. The structure is made from black coloured steel.

The pellet hopper’s filling system can be positioned to the top or side of the stove, giving flexibility of design.

The comfort air model has the ability to duct warm air to other rooms, while the hydro model can heat domestic hot water and radiators (kits sold separately).

  • Ecodesign ready
  • A+ energy rating

Surrounds Available

Frame – Powder coated steel in bronze or grey

Modus – Sandblasted grey stone

Prime – Slate marble

Vivo 80 Pellet

  •  10.5kW
  •  92.2/95.8% efficient
  •  785x550x680mm
  •  Controllable via remote control

Vivo 80 Pellet Hydro

  •  16.9kW
  •  90.1/95.2% efficient
  •  Heat output to water 14.2kW
  •  785x600x649mm
  •  Control panel

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vivo 80 hydro technical sheet vivo 80 hydro technical sheet .PDF
vivo 80 technical sheet vivo 80 technical sheet .PDF