MCZ is Europe’s leading manufacturer of pellet appliances. These stoves seamlessly blend timeless Italian design with cutting-edge technology, making them the perfect centrepiece for any home.

As the sole UK distributor of MCZ stoves, Specflue brings Europe’s top pellet stoves right to your doorstep. Trust in our partnership to provide you with unparalleled quality and service.

Experience the difference with MCZ stoves. Start your stove in just 3 minutes via an app and enjoy the mesmerising display of our CORE technology, showcasing a natural flame with a self-cleaning brazier. Embrace warmth, efficiency, and elegance with MCZ.

Our MCZ advisor is here to help, please call 01787 242782 between 8:00am-4:30pm weekdays if you need any help related to our MCZ products.


Eco-Friendly Excellence: MCZ stoves lead the industry as the most eco-friendly option available, reducing emissions and minimising environmental impact for a greener tomorrow.

Ultimate Convenience: With remote app management, heating your home has never been easier. Control your stove from anywhere using your smartphone, ensuring comfort and warmth at your fingertips.

Versatile Heating Solutions: From single rooms to entire homes, MCZ offers pellet stove options that can efficiently heat multiple areas or integrate with your boiler system, providing flexible heating solutions tailored to your needs.

Clean Heating Technology: Enjoy a cleaner environment with MCZ's commitment to clean heating. Our stoves ensure minimal emissions and optimal air quality for your home and family.

Rapid Start-Up: Get warm in no time with stoves that start up in just 3 minutes, providing instant comfort when you need it most.

Innovative CORE Technology: Immerse yourself in the mesmerising beauty of natural flames and enjoy hassle-free maintenance with CORE technology, featuring a self-cleaning brazier for effortless operation and stunning aesthetics.

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Core Range

As the exclusive UK distributor of MCZ Pellet Stoves, Specflue proudly introduces CORE technology – an innovative pellet combustion system inspired by gasification principles. The CORE stoves boast breathtaking flame aesthetics, pristine glass, minimal upkeep, and an impressive reduction in emissions, surpassing European Ecodesign limits by up to 55%. Experience the pinnacle of clean, efficient heating with MCZ stoves featuring CORE technology, available in the UK exclusively through Specflue.

Other stoves available in the CORE range: 

•    Ego Air Matic 8 Core R •    Ego Comfort Air Matic 10 Core R 
•    Musa Air Matic 10 Core R•    Musa Comfort Air Matic 12 Core R
•    Musa Comfort Air Matic 14 Core R•    Club Air Matic 10 Core R
•    Club Comfort Air Matic 12 Core R•    Club Comfort Air Matic 14 Core R
•    Suite Air Matic 10 Core R•    Suite Comfort Air Matic 12 Core R
•    Suite Comfort Air Matic 14 Core R•    Eiko Natural Matic 6 Core R
•    Eiko Natural Matic 6 Core UP•    Curve Air Matic 8 Core UP
•    Mood Comfort Air Matic 8 Core R•    Feel Comfort Air Matic 12 Core R
•    Feel Comfort Air 12 Core UP 



Easy Range

Other stoves available in the CORE range: 

•    Ghea Air 6 •    Ghea Air 6 XUP 
•    Mida Air 8 •    Mida Air 8 XUP
•    Teia Comfort Air 10•    Teia Comfort Air 10 UP
•    Alea Air 7•    Alea Air 7 XUP
•    Raam Comfort Air 8•    Raam Comfort Air UP
•    May Air 7 R•    Hera Air 7 R
•    Hera Air 8 XUP 


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Thanks to a sensor inside the stove, the combustion air is constantly regulated according to the amount of pellets in the brazier, thus assuring effective and efficient combustion which equates to lower consumption, lower emissions and reducing the need to clean as often.

Active +

All the benefits of Active, plus the ability to control the appliance from your smartphone or tablet via an app. Active + appliances are also quieter than Active due to an upgraded gear motor.


The first operating system designed for stoves to optimise your appliance’s operation. You can control the stove via an app on your smartphone or tablet. Alternatively, sold separately, is a self-installing digital control panel which is very discreet and can be mounted on the right or left of the stove. A stylish remote wi-fi temperature sensor is also available for enhanced temperature control. Remote diagnostics are possible with the Maestro operating system.


Thanks to a perfectly sealed structure, the stove does not use oxygen from inside the room. Instead, it draws air from outside and can therefore by fitted in passive haus and highly insulated homes.

Comfort Air

Comfort air appliances can heat other rooms up to 8 meters away via up to two air flows and vents.


Thanks to low thermal inertia, “hydro” pellet stoves, once on, are able to heat your domestic radiators in just a few minutes (for some models it is also possible to connect to the hot water system)

Excludable Ventilation

The “No Air” function allows you to totally exclude or reduce the forced ventilation of the heater, making the appliance quieter and allowing heat to spread throughout the room via natural convection

Natural Heat

Unlike normal pellet stoves with forced ventilation, here the heat is diffused in the room via natural convection

Natural Flame

Latest generation pellet stoves feature a large flame with a more natural movement and truly beautiful to look at

Quick Start

“Quick Start” products are equipped with a ceramic spark plug, cutting ignition times by 40%

Weekly Ash Emptying

The high capacity of the ash drawer allows the stove to be used for a week without emptying (based on approx. 8 hours use a day)

Self Cleaning Brazier

Automatic scraping system that prevents ash build up and avoids having to clean the brazier every day.


The flue spigot is located at the top of the stove, meaning it can be installed 50mm from the wall, optimising space.