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Twin Wall Chimney Systems

Twin wall chimney systems are an ideal solution for most modern houses where no traditional chimney stack exists.

The term ‘twin wall’ comes from the construction, where a flue pipe is inside another flue pipe, and separated by insulation. This layer ensures the surface of the flue does not become too hot, and can therefore pass through walls, ceilings and roofs with only a small void.

Twin Wall chimney systems comprise of a full range of components, so you can build an entire system, from bottom to top.

Flexible Flue Liners

Flexible liner is used to line existing traditional chimney stacks. They are available in two classes; class one for solid and multi fuel and class two for gas and kerosene (oil). Within class one liners, there are two grade; 316 which is generally used for wood burning only and 904 which is recommended for use with multi fuel appliances, and those burning smokeless fuels.

A range of accessories are available in addition to the liner, which enable you to create a full chimney system.

Flue Pipes

Single wall flue pipes are referred to by many different names such as vitreous, single skin, connecting flue and stove pipe.

The term ‘single wall’ refers to the product being constructed from one layer of steel, with no insulation. This may then be coated by vitreous enamel in a range of colours and finishes.

Single wall is typically used to connect an appliance to a twin wall or flexible liner chimney system. Due to there being no insulation single wall flue should be kept a minimum of three times the diameter from combustible materials.

Plastic Flue

Plastic flue is typically used for low temperature, wet applications such as plant rooms with condensing appliances. It provides a low cost, light weight option and can be used to connect multiple appliances to a header system.

Plastic flue is for internal use, but can be shrouded in steel for external runs.

Pumice & Ceramic

Modular chimney systems ideally suited for new build houses. Components for these systems are lightweight and easy to handle.


A wide range of products to complete your installation and enhance your experience with your appliance, including:


  • Roof flashings
  • Chimney cowls, bird guards and pots
  • Grills and air vents
  • Insulations
  • Fixings
  • Register plates and soot doors
  • Fireside Accessories

Exodraft are a Danish owned company that has developed, manufactured and sold chimney fans for 60 years, and is the world leader in solutions for mechanical chimney draught and heat recovery from flue gas/ process heat.

Exodraft chimney fans are available in various sizes and capacities to meet the diverse needs ranging from private homes to large industrial plants.