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150mm Internal Diameter Schiedel UED Rosette Smooth Trim Collar (UEDR)

Fits around pipe as it enters ceiling or wall.

Metaloterm UED is a modular twin wall system fabricated from stainless steel (304 outer skin and 316L inner skin) with a 7.5mm air gap.

Metaloterm UED provides a completely smooth, aesthetically pleasing flue with no locking bands or beads and is suitable for internal use.

Due to the air gap insulation, Metaloterm UED has a minimum distance to combustibles of 200mm on wood burning and solid fuel installations, making it perfect for situations where there is combustible beams near to the installation.

Manufactured under EN 1856-2

T400 N1 D V3 L50040 G200

Seals must be removed where flue gas temperatures exceed 200°C

Item code: 1706108