Centrotherm is a polypropylene flue system, suitable for condensing gas and oil applications (up to 120°C. It comprises over 1,000 components, protected by numerous patents and permits).


  • Lightweight for ease of installation and handling
  • Easy to cut to requirement
  • Transparent material; easy to inspect during installation or with a camera.
  • Suitable for under and over pressure operation
  • Can be combined with flex or rigid pipes
  • UV sensitive, can be shrouded in stainless steel for external use
  • Suitable for use in cascade systems
  • Available in internal diameter of 80 – 315mm
  • Push fit jointing
  • 5 year warranty
  • 2.5-5mm insulation thickness (dependant on diameter)


  • Approved to CE EN 14471 with designation T120 H1 0 W2 020 IDL

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