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Thermal Stores

What are Thermal Stores?

Thermal stores provide both space heating and mains pressure hot water by storing and managing heat distribution from both traditional and renewable heat sources. As a result thermal stores are becoming increasingly popular in domestic settings.

As long as it has been designed and sized correctly, the thermal store can take inputs from a variety of different technologies; pellet stoves, biomass boilers, heat pumps, under-floor heating, solar thermal heating systems and wood burners.

Thermal stores are different from conventional hot water cylinders because water in the thermal store does not come out through the taps. Instead the water going to taps is heated by passing through a heat exchanger that transfers heat from the thermal store water to the mains water. Heat exchangers transfer heat extremely quickly.

As well as heating water for taps, the water in the store is also used to drive central heating. This allows both central heating and hot water to be run off any of the connected heat sources e.g. a wood burning stove can be used to heat up the thermal store in the evenings and the thermal store will retain this heat to run radiators in the morning, without needing a boiler to turn on.

Thermal stores are tall and thin; encouraging the natural tendency of heated water to form layers of heat, with the hottest at the top and the coldest at the bottom (stratification). Heating systems linked to thermal stores make the most of this by ensuring connections are placed at the point of maximum gain e.g. under-floor heating, which works at lower temperatures, would take heat from the lower part of the cylinder and heat for hot water would be taken from the top.

One or more thermostats are fitted to the thermal store allowing the temperature of the stored water to be monitored. If temperatures drop too low to meet demand, they can be topped up using additional means. Thermostats are arranged in a hierarchy up the store, allowing the cheapest/ most carbon efficient heat source to be requested first. The volumes of water prepared can be programmed into the system to match the patterns of use, providing the lowest possible running cost, while also ensuring there is enough hot water ready to go at times of peak demand.


Our thermal stores are known by the registered trademark of HEATBANK® and are specifically designed to suit the individual property and the heat sources contained within it.

  • Patented design to reduce boiler cycling and heating bills
  • Patented top down rapid heat recovery gives instantaneous hot water
  • 25 year warranty; duplex stainless steel with 40mm CFC free foam. Complete peace of mind for its lifetime
  • Complies with Part L energy efficiencies. Saves money against traditional fossil fuels
  • Plate heat exchanger option to generate mains pressure hot water for multiple bathrooms
  • Futureproof – capable of running up to five renewable heat sources / inputs simultaneously
  • Fits into current lifestyle with minimal disruption. Sized to fit in most airing cupboards
  • Prebuilt and prefabricated with all pumps for quick and easy installation
  • Bespoke – each store is built to your heating set up and requirements
  • Available in 210, 250, 300, 350 and 475 litre capacities as standard, others available on request
  • Patented quench overheat protection system; health and safety protection device

Find Out More

To find out more about our range of thermal stores, contact Specflue via the online form or call 0333 999 7974 to speak to our Advanced Technical Team

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