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ICID Plus is a multi-application twin wall system adaptable for Dry (D), Wet (W) and Positive Pressure (P) applications. It is manufactured by Schiedel.

Suitable for

  • Gas, Oil, Wood and Multi-Fuel
  • Traditional stoves
  • Pellet stoves
  • Biomass appliances
  • Mini/micro CHP
  • Condensing boilers capable of withstanding positive pressure


  • Available in internal diameters of 100*, 125, 150, 180 and 200mm (Stainless Steel outer case) or 125, 150, 180* and 200*mm (Matt Black outer case). *Special order only.
  • Twist lock bayonet jointing system, secured by locking band.
  • Advanced corrosion resistant design and construction uses laser welded 316L stainless steel inner liner and stainless steel case.
  • 25mm of high density mineral wool insulation that maintains flue gas temperature, maximising efficiency, improving flue draught on start-up and minimising condensation.
  • Low external case temperature.
  • The inner liner is free to expand through the female collar, allowing for maximum thermal expansion even during a soot fire.
  • The inner liner has an engineered design with an inward beat at the female end which acts as a capillary break preventing moisture being drawn through the joint.
  • Lip seal packs are available containing a quick fit female lip seal with a grease sachet to allow product to be easily adapted for use in Positive Pressure (P) applications.
  • Lifetime Guarantee (see downloads for more information).

Technical Data

Short Firing Temperature 550°C / With Lip Seal: 250°C
Thermal Shock 1000°C
Mode of Operation Zero and Negative Pressure / With Lip Seal: Positive Pressure
Pressure Capabilities 40Pa / With Lip Seal: 200Pa
Outer Case Stainless Steel (Option: painted matt black)
Outer Case Thickness 0.5mm
Outer Case Seam Laser or inert gas welded
Liner 316L: 1.4404 : X2CrNiMo 17-12-2
Liner Thickness 0.5mm
Liner Seam Laser or inert gas welded
Insulation High performance mineral fibre
Insulation Thickness 25mm
Distance to Combustibles 60 – Zero mm (see Approvals)
Average Thermal Resistance (200°C) 0.4m2 kW


Internal diameter (mm) 100 125 150 180 200
External diameter (mm) 150 180 200 235 256


  • Manufactured under a Quality Management Scheme approved to BS EN ISO 9001
  • Certified for corrosion resistance on gas, oil and solid fuel by Gastec, MPA and TÜV
  • 4 hour fire rating to BS476 Part 20
  • HETAS listed for use on solid fuel applications

ICID Plus is CE Certified to EN1856-1 TÜV 0036 CPR 9195 010 with designations:
ICID Plus is CE Certified to EN1856-2 TÜV 0036 CPR 9195 042 with designations:

System Chimney EN1856-1
T450 N1 W V2 L50050 G60
T450 N1 DV3 L50050 G60
60mm distance to combustibles in a combustible shaft
T450 N1 WV2 L50050 G50
T450 N1 DV3 L50050 G50
50mm distance to combustibles in a non combustible shaft or free air
T200 P1 W V2 L50050 O00
Zero distance to combustibles
Connecting flue pipe EN18546-2
T450 N1 D V2 L50050 G100 M

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Schiedel ICID Plus Guarantee Schiedel ICID Plus Guarantee .PDF
ICID Plus Connecting Pipe DOP ICID Plus Connecting Pipe DOP .PDF
ICID Plus CPR Certificate ICID Plus CPR Certificate .PDF
Schiedel ICID Plus Brochure Schiedel ICID Plus Brochure .PDF
ICID Plus Installation Instructions ICID Plus Installation Instructions .PDF