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RSV450-4-2-001 3 PHASE FAN FOR GAS

EXHAUSTO chimney fans RSV are designed for boiler room installations up to 3 MW using a single fan. For much larger boiler capacities several fans can be mounted on a plenum box.

The RSV can be used with heating appliances burning gas and oil.

The fans are installed on top of the chimney where the vertical discharge column prevents a plume of gas flowing down out-side of the chimney and thereby complies with the Clean Air Act.

EXHAUSTO chimney fans RSV are used with heating appliances and provide a controllable negative pressure along the full length of the flue and chimney. The fans guarantee optimum chimney draught irrespective of the placing, dimensions or height of the chimney which is beneficial to new or existing installations.

The chimney fans offer capacities up to 6,700 m3/h. The 3-phase 60 Hz motor must be used with frequency converter.

Item code: 71RSV4503