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Chimney Balloon - 300mm x 600mm

A simple yet effective way of blocking chimneys when not in use. Prevents draughts and stops heat escaping through the chimney; a blocked chimney needs only half the amount of heat compared to a room with an open chimney. An ideal solution for chimneys that are not in every day use.

The special laminate of three plastics makes it air tight, tear resistant and long lasting. Its special shape allows ventilation in two corners keeping the chimney dry. Chimney balloons are completely safe and if accidentally heated shrivel and deflate.

To install, simply position the chimney balloon just out of sight above the fireplace opening and inflate using makes it air tight, tear resistant an air bed pump. If you have a large inglenook fireplace you can stand inside and inflate the chimney balloon above your head.

Item code: 3712024