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Ash Vac 1200W Mains Operated With Metal Lined Hose

Easy to use ash vac to keep the fire and hearth clean.

The Ash Vac puts an end to the sweeping out of fireplaces and stoves with a dustpan and brush; spilling ash all over carpets and flooring.

The 230v / 1200w motor and 3m cable has been designed to draw ashes from warm and cold appliances (wood burning stoves open fires and pellet stoves).

Working just like a normal vacuum simply plug into an electrical supply switch on and go!

Ash and fire debris is collected in the 20 litre capacity container via its stainless steel suction nozzle and metal lined flexible hose.

Once full simply unclip the double point locking lid and empty into your dustbin.

Comes complete with one filter (it is recommended that filters are changed every 450 fires).

Dimensions - 30cm (height) x 30cm (diameter)

Item code: 69V