Your One-Stop Shop for Commercial Heating Flue Solutions

Tuesday, 14 May 2024
Your One-Stop Shop for Commercial Heating Flue Solutions

Ensuring a reliable and efficient heating system is crucial for any business. Downtime due to heating issues can disrupt operations and impact your bottom line. However, navigating the complexities of commercial/industrial heating structures can be a task. 

Upgrading a commercial building with a condensing appliance can provide financial savings and environmental benefits. However, converting existing flue installations for modern day condensing appliances requires a thorough understanding. 

Specflue is the one-stop solution for all your flue and chimney needs, providing a complete variety of options designed to keep your boiler plant running easily and efficiently. From specification, design, chimney sizing with ongoing technical support, Specflue offers a complete package leading to a complete solution. 

Let’s discover how Specflue’s comprehensive offering can benefit you.

Introducing Specflue
Specflue is a main provider of flue and chimney systems offering complete support for your heating projects from initial specification right through to delivery. With extensive experience in the industry and a dedicated technical team, you can be rest assured of a complete solution for all types of existing, new commercial and industrial appliances. 
Moreover, Specflue also collaborates with different industry players like heating and ventilation companies, mechanical consultants, and contractors to ensure a seamless project experience. Let’s explore the services provided by Specflue in detail:

1.    Site Surveys
A successful commercial heating system starts with a thorough understanding of specific needs and existing infrastructure. Specflue’s dedicated team initiates the process with a comprehensive site survey. Here is what you can expect from the

Specflue site survey:

  • Detailed Inspection: The team member will conduct a thorough inspection of the boiler room, potential flue locations, and existing heating infrastructure. Factors like available space, accessibility for installation and potential challenges or limitations are assessed.
  • Project Planning Foundation: All the details and insights collected during the site survey form the foundation for a tailored project plan. Specflue uses the information to offer a complete solution meeting all the necessary standards/requirements of the chosen appliances.

2.    Provision of Designs and Material Schedule
Following the comprehensive site survey, Specflue translates the gathered information into a detailed provision of designs and material schedules. Here is a breakdown of what it entails: 

  • Customised System Design: The technical team prepares a chimney solution tailored to your specific needs. This includes selecting the appropriate flue system type. A chimney sizing can also be offered confirming the diameter, overall length and routing throughout the building.
  • Detailed Drawings: Detailed technical drawings can be prepared that illustrate the flue system configuration, boiler placement, and any necessary accessories. Please note these detailed drawings are not completed during the quotation stage.
  • Material Schedule: This quotation lists all the flue components and other materials required for the project, including their quantities and specifications.

3.    Large Stock Holding with Most Products off the Shelf
Minimising downtime during a commercial heating project is a challenge. With Specflue, you won’t have to face long delays waiting for essential flue system components. There is always a large stock holding with most products off the shelf. 
Whether you require plastic flue systems for low-temperature applications, single-wall flue systems for connecting applications, flexible flue liners for existing brick chimneys or twin-wall insulated chimney systems for modern day appliances, Specflue has them readily available.

4.    Specialist/Custom Components
Beyond their standard offerings, Specflue caters to projects with unique requirements through their specialist/custom components. Their in-house expertise allows them to design and manufacture flue systems that address specific challenges or integrate seamlessly with existing infrastructure. 

For instance, if you require flue systems with custom lengths or bends to navigate tight spaces, systems specifically designed for high-temperature applications, or any other custom component, they’ve got it all.

5.    Flue Calculations to BS-EN Industry Standards
To ensure the safety and optimal performance of your system, Specflue conducts flue calculations to BS-EN industry standards. In these calculations, factors like flue gas temperature, volume, and building characteristics are considered. These characteristics determine the appropriate flue size and configuration, ensuring the safe and efficient operation of your commercial heating system.

6.    Installation Guidance and Advice
As stated earlier, Specflue goes beyond just providing the materials. Their dedicated team offers installation guidance and advice throughout the project. Whether it's answering technical questions during installations, offering recommendations for best practices, or even troubleshooting any unforeseen challenges that may arise, Specflue covers it all. 

Alongside these services our team has a deep understanding of commercial heating systems and flue technology. They serve as the backbone of Specflue’s operations, providing expertise throughout every stage of your project.

Specflue Products - A Range of Solutions for Your Commercial Heating System
Specflue offers a comprehensive range of flue products to cater to diverse needs. Whether you require cost-effective solutions for low-temperature applications or well-insulated systems for modern buildings, Specflue has the perfect fit. Let’s take a look at each of their products in detail:

Polypropylene Flue Systems
When you’re looking for cost-effective solutions for low-temperature applications, choose Specflue’s polypropylene flue systems. Their Centrotherm system offers a budget-friendly and practical solution for venting low-temperature applications in commercial settings. Here’s what makes this a compelling choice:

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Polypropylene flue systems are a significantly more affordable option compared to metal alternatives. This makes them perfect for projects wherein cost is a prime consideration.
  •  Lightweight: Made from polypropylene, these flues are incredibly lightweight, making them easier to install and handle, especially in longer projects.
  • Installation Flexibility: They can be easily cut to size on site, allowing for greater flexibility during installation and accommodating specific needs.
  • Multi-Appliance Compatibility: They are well-suited for connecting multiple appliances to a header system, making them particularly beneficial for plant rooms where numerous boilers need efficient venting.
  • Range of Options: They come in various diameters (80mm - 315mm) to cater to a wide range of venting requirements.

Stainless Steel Single Wall Flue Systems
Schiedel ME and SFL Supra Plus are two single-wall flue systems offered by Specflue. When it comes to connecting appliances to other flue systems within your commercial heating setup, single-wall flue pipes are the best solution. Given below are their key features: 

  • Versatility for Diverse Appliances The single wall flue systems are ideal for connecting various single or multi appliances to a broader flue system.
  • Durable Construction: Manufactured from high-quality stainless steel, these products offer exceptional durability to withstand the demands of commercial heating environments.
  • High-Temperature Functionality: These are specifically designed for modern condensing appliances, which typically operate at lower temperatures. Although Schiedel ME is a universal system, suitable for both high and low-temperature applications.
  • Positive and Negative Pressure Accommodation: Schiedel ME can handle flue gases in both positive and negative pressure situations, ensuring compatibility with various venting scenarios.

Twin Wall Systems
Schiedel MF and SFL Nova are two of Specflue’s twin wall systems. In modern commercial buildings that do not have traditional chimneys, these twin wall systems are perfectly manufactured for them. These advanced systems excel in providing superior insulation and efficient venting for your commercial needs. Here are their key features: 

  • Ideal for Modern Architecture: If your building is of a contemporary design and has no chimney stack, the twin wall system is perfect for you. Their sleek design integrates well with modern architectural styles.
  • Exceptional Insulation: Compared to single-walled flue systems, these have a double-walled construction with an insulating layer that reduces heat loss. This method improves efficiency for your commercial heating machine and capability value savings on power bills.
  • Multi-Fuel Compatibility: Schiedel MF and Nova are a prefabricated twin wall insulated chimney system for multifuel boilers and suitable for all types of commercial/industrial applications.
  • Easy Maintenance: The smooth internal surface of the inner liner allows easy condense removal and allows efficient dispersal of flue gases.

Key Takeaways
Specflue is your one-stop solution for all your commercial/industrial flue needs. Whether it’s design help you’re after, or you need to install a system on your current project, they’ve got you covered. There is a wide selection of products catering for all applications. 

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